Through nothing but the opportunities that kindness from others presented, I have gained skills in strategic campaign-planning, social media advertising, team collaboration and delegation. Alongside fabulous teams, my time in college successfully executed over 20 events, with only the kind of creative advertisements that nights like Roller Disco, Square Dances, Lip-Synch Contests and city-wide concerts require.

During my 2 years of advertising and PR management at Wheaton College with difference councils and committees, I loved serving my sweet campus of 3,000 students, overseeing all brand development and social media promotion.

I designed posters, logos, merchandise, programs and tickets for each event in consistency with campaign strategy, catering to each event planner’s input and campus demographics. It was energizing to use unique and experimental advertising to reveal Chicago Field Museum as an event venue (1,500 attendance) and organized interactive campus ads to promote each event unique to the target audience.

During my second year of working for Wheaton, I managed and produced content for the College Union Instagram; growing followers by 202% percent within 4 months.

But outcome of the advertisements and campaigns spoke for themselves — not in numbers, but in what Wheaton students may say about their college experience, making friends and memories through what I hope were the most colorful, creative and breath-taking events possible.

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